Our Process

How We Deliver An In-House IT Experience

Partnering up with NVITS kicks starts the onboarding process right away. We are the number one Managed Service Provider (MSP) for a reason. We ensure that onboarding is swiftly completed within a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Once that is done, the project plan is implemented. Each project plan is fleshed out with complete details and consists of over 60 tasks. Solutions are developed and implemented as per customers’ needs and requirements.

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We Take the Time To Do IT Right

Ensure your IT solutions align with your distinctive business objectives by working with a partner whose process goes above and beyond.

Personalized IT

IT isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s personalized. To amplify its impact and fulfill essential needs, your technological solutions should be bespoke to the distinct requirements of your business and industry. This calls for an in-depth understanding of your business, goals, and team. It requires a partner who invests the time to make IT right. To fulfill this promise, each of our engagements at NVITS begins with our Fundamental IT Assessment. An extensive exploration of your systems, processes, and practices, it sets the base to transform IT into a strategic tool for both immediate and future success.

The Fundamental IT Assessment

Over a span of 30 days, we embark on a four-stage process to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business needs and devise a practical plan to accomplish your goals.

Starting Off With NVITS


    Initial Discussion

    To lay the groundwork for the partnership and ensure we tread the right path, we ask pertinent questions about your business, team, roles, and existing technology.

    Team Feedback

    We conduct a straightforward survey to better comprehend what’s working, what isn’t, and what areas require enhancement.

    Leadership Conversation

    Through an in-depth conversation with your senior leadership, we delve into your organization’s challenges, objectives, and anticipated results.


    Initial On-Site Visit

    A seasoned engineer from our team will visit your office(s) to inspect and record your technology and its configuration, thereby gaining a comprehensive understanding of your IT setup.

    Network Discovery

    We conduct a thorough search for anything connected to your network, install a detection computer and specialized software on your PCs, servers, and network equipment to build an inventory of your IT assets.


    Comprehensive IT Evaluation

    Our evaluation is highly meticulous and checks for 100+ IT best practices to spot every area that needs attention. We scrutinize everything from significant security risks to backup and disaster recovery procedures, from cloud products to applications, and how effectively your team is using digital communication and collaboration tools.

    Internal Planning and Analysis

    Armed with collected data, our team delves into your goals and obstacles in detail and crafts a plan of action to elevate your IT systems to the level needed to meet your objectives.



    The final stage involves an in-depth presentation of our findings, where you’ll gain more insight into your IT in two hours than most consultants provide in a year.

    Technology Roadmap

    The presentation incorporates a detailed roadmap that enlists your goals and a prioritized plan that elucidates our vision of how technology can assist in realizing them.

    Capital and Operating Budget

    We design customized IT capital and operating budgets for the next 2-3 years, offering a complete transparency into the costs of implementing our plan.

NVITS Onboarding Timeline

Phase 1

The process starts with a kick-off call, in which NVITS is given the required information through a secure link we provide. If asked. We will help the client transition out smoothly from their current provider. We will gather all needed information from your current provider and document everything for you

Phase 2

Our team will install all the necessary software and agents to allow our team to do their work and monitor your systems performance and your network uptime.

Phase 3

We will send the onboarding packet to your team to learn how to best engage with us and get the service they require.

Phase 4

We will conduct a deeper dive into your infrastructure, work on the documentation and mapping out a game plan to tackle the issues we will find during our discovery.

Phase 5

We will have an onboarding post mortem to review what has been done and what are our plans for the next phase of your projects to get your IT environment to the level you would be proud of.

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