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The need for cybersecurity cannot be underestimated when critical data and information is so intrinsically dependent upon the digital medium. It is about protecting digital resources, including software, hardware, and applications. Our mission is to be the trusted partner in your cybersecurity journey, protecting your operations with integrity and expertise

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NVITS Cybersecurity Framework

NVITS adopts and implements a multidimensional cybersecurity framework aimed at securing every aspect of the digital landscape for its clients. We have developed tools and mechanisms to ensure you are safeguarded against cyberattacks, malicious digital software, and the stealth of digital resources.
The cybersecurity space is constantly changing. New viruses and malicious programs are being developed each day. It is necessary to remain prepared to handle any kind of cybersecurity threat that has the potential to damage and disrupt critical business processes.

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Business-related disasters are unpredictable, but being prepared is important. Reliable technology and access to company data are critical for operational success. A cybersecurity plan should be customized to meet the specific needs of each business, as there is no one-size-fits-all model.

Cybersecurity Measures Under NVITS
Complete Analytics and Vulnerability Assessment

Regular scanning and monitoring of the digital environment detect potential threats so timely action can be taken. This also includes studying past cybersecurity breaches to help develop a more robust cybersecurity system.

Features include:
  • Scanning of Your Critical Assets
  • Weakness & Vulnerability Checks
  • Routine Reporting with Actionable Insights
Combing for Stolen Data

Combing through the internet, particularly the dark web, to ensure clients’ critical data has not been compromised.

Features include:
  • Identifies Stolen Credentials and Other Security Risks
  • Provides Proactive Cybersecurity Screening
  • Extensive Reporting
Managed Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

We help implement Multi-Factor Authentication to make sure that all business accounts are fully protected. MFA deploys an additional layer of protection over and above password protection, ensuring greater security.

Features include:
  • Unique One Time Passwords (OTP) with Each Login
  • Support for Your Mobile Workforce
  • Increased End-User Security
Password Management

NVITS provides businesses with password management tools to keep track of passwords. This means that important information is not lost or locked due to a lack of ability to access it.

Features include:
  • Hassle-Free Logins
  • Secure Password Storage
  • Convenient Password Sharing
Enterprise Security Awareness

It is necessary to have your staff trained on how to prevent, detect and respond to cybersecurity issues. NVITS offers training, seminars, and lectures on proper cybersecurity responses so your employees can assist in protecting against cyberattacks.

Features include:
  • Ongoing Phishing Education & Testing
  • Customized Tests Based on Your Environment
  • Phish-Prone Percentage Reports

To ensure compliance is 100%, NVITS can complete thorough scans to test the level of compliance.

Features include:
  • Provides Predefined Compliance Reports
  • Optimizes IT Compliance Operations
  • Decreases Compliance Security Risks
Patch Management

Vulnerabilities need to be detected and dealt with quickly before a cybersecurity issue arises. Patch management ensures that all vulnerabilities are taken care of promptly.

Features include:
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware Protection
  • Operating System Security
  • Complete Reporting & Alerting Capabilities
  • Rapid & Single Deployment
  • Improved Endpoint Performance & End-User Productivity

NVITS CyberSecurity Bundle

Enhance your defense against cyber risks with a single, uncomplicated solution.

The NVITS Security Bundle offers a comprehensive network of five fundamental services for businesses’ cybersecurity needs. This bundled option is more cost-effective, starting at $50/user/month.

Services include:

  • IT Compliance
  • Managed MFA
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Password Management
  • Security Awareness Training

Why NVITS Cybersecurity?

Your job keeps you busy enough.Can you effectively ensure a secure work environment by yourself?

NVITS has extensive experience providing cybersecurity services to various industries. We offer personalized cybersecurity plans and round-the-clock support to small and midsized businesses to ensure your peace of mind.

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