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The Premier Managed IT Services Company

NVITS has been an innovator in the IT industry for many years in Northern Nevada. We work closely with our clients, industry leaders, and small-scale business owners alike to develop customized IT solutions. We have experts in every field of IT, which means that it does not matter which IT services your company needs; NVITS has it all.
Need 24/7 tech support or BPO services, or maybe your company needs to upgrade its cybersecurity division NVITS has the solution for your business. We specialize in serving businesses in Reno, Nevada since that is where we are based. However, we have a global presence that makes us the go-to IT expert for any size of business enterprise.
We work in partnership with our customers, so you get the service to suit your needs. Our aim is to uplift your business and power it through technology. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal at NVITS.

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Why Choose NVITS

There are many companies that provide IT services to businesses. What sets NVITS apart is the sheer scale of services we offer and the level of collaboration we provide. NVITS is like your in-house IT division without the costs and the hassles of an in-house IT division. We provide the best of both worlds, customized service, and cost savings.

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Our Mission

At NVITS, we are committed to delivering the full scale of IT solutions while remaining at the forefront of technological advancements and digital evolution. The idea is to tailor solutions in a way that optimizes results for our customers.
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We provide our clients with customized…

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So, you can get back to doing what you do best.

The NVITS Vision

Our vision at NVITS is to minimize work for our clients while resolving all their technological problems. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all, which is why each client and each project is treated independently.

Making It Work For You

Above all, at NVITS, we value customer satisfaction. Customer input is the most important ingredient every step of the way, starting with the identification of the pain points to the feedback on the solution implemented by NVITS, your say as the customer is what guides us.

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