The Value of Managed IT Services

The Value of Managed IT Services

What exactly are Managed IT Services and how do they work? There are many misconceptions surrounding this service not to mention the value of protecting your business through technology is usually looked over. In this blog, we will reveal why having a Managed IT Service provider is beneficial for your business including cost.

Read the 5 benefits of having Managed IT Services below:


Did you know that 67% of companies use managed services to handle their IT infrastructure? By having this unwavering support, it can undeniably simplify your network and its operations. You also gain the benefits of having an IT executive without the cost of hiring one as an employee. Having these services outsourced also provide benefits such as risk analysis and business impact, project planning and management, budgeting, and research and trends of current technologies. Another valuable aspect to think about it not being unprepared if systems crash and all of your company data is lost. Having managed services prepares you for the worst and prevents the worst from happening.


Based on the incongruent IT infrastructure for some business, 73% of businesses have had some type of technological interruption in the past year. This contributed to an overwhelming loss of $70 million due to an average of 7.5 hours of downtime in that year. Bottom line; your business suffers if you don’t have an IT infrastructure and plan in place.


How confident are you in being able to detect problems within your systems? A team of credentialed professionals are at your disposal. Managed IT Services also comes with a ticketing and help desk system that promotes a seamless user experience without hours of waiting and wondering how the problem should be fixed.

Organization and Ease

By outsourcing IT, this allows you to focus on other areas of the business that need attention. When technological issues arise, trying to solve that problem can be challenging without the right skill sets. When you have a Managed IT Services provider, you can move through your day without worrying about the challenges that may arise with IT. Unforeseen issues are prepared for as well.

Controlled Cost

Because of proactive IT planning, you and your company can budget for the year and not have to pay for any costly issues that can arise outside of the monthly agreement. Without having managed services, issues arise that could have been prevented and the cost is higher because it is an emergency situation. Having Managed IT Services is better for the bank and your peace of mind.

Honesty, accountability, knowledge, experience, drive, determination, and responsibility. What is that worth to you? Company data is precious and should be protected in all the right ways. Having Managed IT Services provides an insurmountable value.