The Value of Protecting Your Assets

The Value of Protecting Your Assets

What kind of network are you currently using and does it protect you against attacks?

Security is an important component of your network. With the growing number of attacks, hacks, data breaches, and ransomware attacks, it is vital to be aware of your level of protection. Utilizing properly designed security can greatly improve your data security and business continuity year-round. Bring your own device (BYOD) could potentially expose your sensitive data to the public, leaving you vulnerable to attacks. Our certified security experts at Nevada IT Solutions can analyze and improve your network security with little effort from you.

Locker ransomware:

Locker ransomware is typically designed to reject any access to computing resources and devices. It often locks the computer or device’s user interface and then asks you or the user to pay a certain fee to be able to regain access. This would deny you access from getting into any files as well.

Crypto ransomware:

Crypto ransomware is designed to find and encrypt important information and data that is stored on the computer. All valuable data is nearly useless unless the user pays a fee for the decryption key to regain access. Often times, the ransom perpetrator never gives you access after the ransom has been paid.


Rootkit is the hardest attack to detect as well as remove from devices and computers. Due to this, most experts recommend wiping your hard drive completely and then reinstalling all information and data. Rootkit is designed to gain full control of your computer, therefore providing access to the information allowing theft of your identity or worse. This subtle snake attacks without detection.


A virus is a type of contagious program or code that attaches itself to software and continues to reproduce whenever that specific software is implemented. This is most likely to occur when sharing files or software between devices or other computers.


Keyloggers record everything that you type onto your computer to obtain login information to be able to use it on the source of the keylogging program.


This software enables a user to obtain covert information about another’s computer activities by transmitting data from their hard drive.

Rogue security software:

This often misleads users because it disguises itself as a software cleaning system against Malware when, in reality, it is the Malware. It can also turn off Anti-Virus software.


This is a program that copies itself and then destroys all files or data on your computer. It is used as a worm that “eats” the operating and data files until the entire drive is empty.


Trojans are utilized to find your financial information and take over the computer’s resources. It also can create a denial-of-service attack which attempts to make network resources unavailable.

Browser Hijacker:

This type of Malware often replaces your regular search activity with what a criminal wants you to find. This is meant to make money off of what you search.


This attack is similar to worms except the hacker creates a backdoor that provides access to your computer. The hacker will then create SPAM to send out through your programs.


This form of Malware is the least dangerous due to its lack of invasiveness. Adware simply attaches adds to your computer. Although there is less need for alarm, it is still both annoying and unnecessary.

Our certified security expert team of analysts can help you with any security questions and needs that you have. We can prevent and detect all threats that may arise at the earliest possible moment as it is critical when your sensitive data is at risk. Nevada IT Solutions is here to help you better understand threats detected on your computer that you may not have been aware of and remove them from the picture. Join our managed security program.