How to Increase Your WiFi Speed

How to Increase Your WiFi Speed

One of the worst things to deal with is slow internet. Constant video buffering and slow web page loads are just two of the many annoyances you and your employees can face with slow WiFi. Here are a few ways to make your business internet faster.

Router placement is very important and is something not often considered. If your router is on the opposite side of the workplace, your connection may be worse. Try to keep in close to the center of your establishment and in a rather high location. Make sure that the antennae are facing upwards and you should be good to go!

Keep your router away from your other electronic devices.

Televisions, telephones, some lights, and even computer monitors can hamper your router’s signal. Devices that transmit wireless signals should be included in this as well. Devices like bluetooth speakers and baby monitors have a tendency to interfere with your WiFi signal. Keeping the router on a tall shelf far from any of these things is very beneficial.

Set your router to reboot on its own.

Usually when you experience problems with your routers, you  reboot it. If your router is consistently slow, this can be very inconvenient. Thankfully, there is a way you can set your router to automatically reboot. Doing this will save you the time that would normally spent rebooting manually.

Consider replacing your router or adding another one.

One of the more common problems with slow internet is old routers . Getting a new router can solve this problem. An additional router can be added if your office space is large. Two routers would give your WiFi a substantial boost.

Update your router’s firmware.

It’s important to keep all of your devices updated and your router is no different. Be sure to check for updates consistently and downloading them when available. If you have a new router, expect an increase in its productivity after the first couple of firmware updates.

Change the channel on your router.

When your router is first set up, it detects a channel that is not used by other routers around you. Over time however, more people may join that channel as they move in around you. Changing to a channel that your neighbors are not using can significantly boost your WiFi signal.

Your computer may be too old or/and disorganized.

There is always the possibility that your internet problem is not with your router, but your computer. If you have a newer computer, perhaps you have too many files or programs open at once. Too much clutter can significantly slow down your PC. Organization and cleanup can contribute greatly to a smoother online experience.

Other people may be cluttering the bandwidth.

Big downloads, streaming, and gaming can contribute to increased bandwidth consumption. Limiting these things during times of increased internet usage is important. Your employees are probably not gaming at work, but a few employees streaming and/or downloading something at the same time is plausible and will slow down the network.

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