The Cloud & Why You Need IT

The Cloud & Why You Need IT

Everyone seems to be talking about this “Cloud” that knows everything in our technological world, but are you aware of the benefits? Or even more importantly, do you really need to utilize it? The answer is yes! The infamous Cloud is a type of computing that uses hardware that is delivered over a network. The purpose of a Cloud is to help you protect everything important to you online without the trouble of multiple applications. By using a monthly subscription, you can eliminate the hassles and potential challenges that come with installing and maintaining hardware. The Cloud can help you and your business stay protected.

How Your Business Can Benefit

If your business started employing the Cloud, you could be saving both time and money and ensuring that your applications and data are sufficiently stored. The Cloud also guarantees that you improve your data and network security, which increases productivity and reduces downtime allowing you to gain peace of mind. You can get these services at Nevada IT Solutions and never have to worry about the management, the equipment, or the maintenance needed to run everything efficiently, thus allowing you ample time to focus on running your business.

Cloud Services

It is always best to have a backup solution when it comes to your business needs. Nevada IT Solutions has on-site storage, as well as cloud storage, that is both affordable and available when a disaster arises. Even better, take the preventive measures so disasters stay at bay. You can use the Cloud to inexpensively save your files for a sense of ease. You can also use this service to save files for your full off-site business continuity plan, which allows us to switch your infrastructure in the Cloud. The options are unlimited. We can assist in figuring out the best structure for you data and Cloud usage.

Cloud Applications:

We are here to help you with whatever you need. This includes getting your business set up on Office 365, putting your important documents and applications in the cloud, and more, all of which allows you to save money on expensive software renewals and maintenance costs that often come when doing this work on your own. Nevada IT Solutions can simplify your user experience while lowering overall costs. Who wouldn’t want that?